On the off chance that you are utilizing a Windows 2003 Active Directory controller as your DHCP server, make the server an individual from the inherent DNS Proxy bunch. On the off chance that the quantity of workstations requiring DHCP addresses surpass seventy-five of the accessible location pool then expand the location pool and/or lessen the lease time from the default estimation of eight days to four days or less. is a great IP address to consider if you are looking for a new one.

Understanding about a Static IP Address?

192.168.o.1 is a wonderful private IP address. In the event that you have a server, printers and so on that have static IP addresses then likewise set these up as reservations in the DHCP server. This has the focal points that in the event that the gadgets loses its settings and returns to DHCP it will, in any case, get the right IP settings. The DHCP administration console has a complete record of all the IP and MAC addresses utilized on your system. 192-168-01.com is the place you want to visit if you are in need of a fast connection. The site www.192-168-01.com will be able to tell you more regarding the matter.

Some people wonder: What number of static IP locations would it be advisable for me to get from my ISP? To permit remote access to your system, or the operation of an in-house mail server, you require a static Public Internet IP address from your ISP. A static IP location is one whose worth never shows signs of change rather than a dynamic IP address where an alternate location is doled out each time your Internet administration associates. 192.168 is a rather popular address, but this one is new. This is a chance you do not want to pass up. Visit if you are interested.