When we use Instagram for business, we know that we communicated with pictures. Even though we can put a caption below the picture, people mostly prefer to see the pictures and pass the caption. Then, we should know what kind of pictures which will engage people to see it for detail.

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Pictures with Questions

When we want to get feedback from our Instagram followers, we should try to put the question in the caption. Even though, it will be like gambling, it is because we do not know whether the followers will read the caption or not. We also can add song quiz on the post. It may make the followers stick and read the caption.

Pictures with alternative offer

To make our social media account more interactive, we could offer the followers with two options in a post. It will let them pick their favorite one. This method will help to increase posting diversity on the Instagram posts. At the same time, it will give us significant feedback. It is quite effective on cost and time.

Pictures with hints

Another way to make our followers engage to our Instagram account is by posting pictures with hints. When we post pictures with questions, the following post could be the one with a hit. It will help the follower to respond the question on the previous post.