Many businesses ranging from products to services expand into #Instagramand it is one of the innovative way from Issa Asad. Instagram itself is one of the social media platforms as a trend in recent years. An unknown number of Instagram users are about 200 million! Indeed, not all businesses fit in with Instagram, why? This is because the focus of social media this one does to your photos and videos, although there is a text that can be inserted anyway.

The appeal of Instagram since its inception is the photographs presented by users. Users upload vying interesting photographs "wrapped" filters classics presented by Instagram. Do not have to use filters because according to statistics the brand that uses filters and none on the numbers 50:50. But certainly, in order to attract the attention of the audience of course you have to display the photo that interests! It is uncertain, because the audience here is looking for a picture. Well, if it interests through photographs, you can "attack" next. As social media Twitter, use hash-tag to be important in Instagram other than the photo itself. Hash-tags on Twitter acts as a category, as does #Twitter. You can use it to label your products, your particular product or words and phrases that you create yourself. In fact, did you know that the hash-tag made would eventually be used by other Instagram users.

One of the best ways and popular in Instagram in order to introduce or increase brand awareness of your product / service is through the contest. You can either invite your customers and prospective customers. As already mentioned about the hash-tag, well usually this contest aiming hash-tag he created them. What for? By using this hash-tag, other users will certainly be curious and explore about the hash-tag - until it was discovered that the brand you are the one who was to hold it. Take advantage of the tagging. Yes, Instagram there are features such as tagging #Facebook. With this feature, users can do a tag on Instagram photo he posts. What is after that? When you create a contest, you can encourage your friends to enter the contest to perform tagging to his friends.