Back to the Future Part II is the beginning of hoverboard era when people are no longer interested in skateboards; they have another option of toy which is a lot more enjoyable to ride. Do they really have no wheels? Well, if people tell you that do not believe it as a hoverboard actually has wheels. However, it is different from a skateboard because the magic board is supported by large lithium ion batteries that enable you to use less effort to make it moves.

                  The problem is that in many countries, there are cases about hoverboards catching fire. Exactly, it is frightening; you ride it and suddenly you notice it combusts or explodes under your feet. The good news is you can do things to prevent this from happening. Check it out:

Do not buy cheap

                  Although price does not necessarily represent the quality, but in this case, price does matter. You know, a hoverboard is not just a board you need to push with your feet to move. It uses a particular technology like batteries and pressure-sensitive footpads so no wonder it costs more than a skateboard. The higher you pay, the better the quality. Just do not buy it under $300.

No overnight charging

                  Most of the time, the explosion is due to faulty batteries as the power source of the toy. This means if you want to ride it safely and minimize the risk of a fire, do the right battery maintenance by avoiding charging it overnight. Read the instruction given by the manufacturer of how long you should recharge the batteries.

Buy directly from the manufacturer

                  Fake hoverboards are everywhere. They may seem as great as the original ones but the characteristics must be significantly different. No guarantee that the hoverboard will not catch fire but by getting it directly from the manufacturer, you can be sure about the quality.