The beauty of the internet is that everyone can get noticed. We don’t need to envy those lucky few anymore who seems to be favored by good lucks so they can be rich and popular. At least, for the popular part, everybody now has a chance.

If you are into creating music or making DJ mixes like me, Mixcloud is probably one of the best platforms out there to document our works and get noticed. Yes, it is actually possible to get noticed on Mixcloud. I’ll share some tricks.

Use tags

One of the most important things is probably being smart at tagging our mixes. This proves to a very good way to promote our mixes. This is useful because users who are looking for specific types of mixes will be able to easily find us. I usually use tags of all genre, artist names, and key elements of my mixes. I would recommend other users to tag theirs with more than one genre.

Put a big profile picture

The image is the thing that people will see first, even before hearing the quality of our works. If they are not interested, they will be more hesitant to click. Create a profile picture which shows your strong characteristic and is very memorable. I always use editing software for this!

Boost your presence on social media

The best person that can market our names is ourselves. Make use of the internet by using your social media connection. Our friends and relatives are the first people that will support us. That’s why it is very vital to share everything on our social media.

Buy Mixcloud plays

This particular step is also very important. When people see our works have many plays and likes, people will be curious. They will want to know what’s make others play our Mixes. There are many places to buy Mixcloud plays and we can order specific number to boost the credibility of our works.