What is your favorite hobby? Is it gardening? Is it fishing? Is it knitting? Is it reading comics? If you like reading comics, what kind of comics you choose? Is it the Western types or the Eastern ones? Do you know about manga? What do you think about it?


Understanding Manga

Manga is basically a Japanese comic that has its own unique structure and system. If you aren’t familiar with the reading system, you may find it absurd and illogical. It happened once to my friend who wasn’t familiar with the system. When he later found out that he should have read it from right to left (as opposed to the regular reading system from left to right), everything made sense. In fact, now he enjoys reading the manga so much.


What makes it different from the other types of comics, anyway, especially the Western comics (which we are accustomed to all these years)? Well, the themes and topics are definitely different. Not to mention about the reading and drawing techniques. The types of structure, the drawing, and everything else are different from one another. You can be sure that the Western comics are totally different from the Japanese comics.


The Main Appeal

Aside from the fact that you can learn a lot from the manga, there are also other important aspects to consider when choosing a comic: the story. Manga has unbelievably wide ranges of plots, themes, and topics. For a starter, you can read about relationships, teenage life, schools, and families topics from manga – which is quite different from reading the Western comics that focus more on superheroes and other supernatural interest.

ReLIFE, for instance, is a manga about re-doing your life again – which can be a great opportunity when your life is considered as a failure. If you want to read ReLIFE, there are some certain websites that provide the manga for free.