There are many types of coffee maker which use coffee bean (เมล็ดกาแฟ) or coffee powder. Every type of coffee maker could create different types coffee. Choosing the coffee maker will be based on what coffee that we need and how many cups of coffee that we need at the same time. When we are going to buy a coffee maker for our house or for the office, we need to read more about it.

Moka pot

Moka pot is a tradition coffee brewer. This kind of coffee maker does not use themachine. Even though it does not use any machine, it can brew espresso-like coffee in thetraditional way. The stovetop of the pot will be able to make one or more cups of coffee. With this moka pot, we will get strong coffee brewed on the stove. It is suitable for any of us who like strong coffee to start a day.

Urn or percolator

Sometimes, we are in the situation when we need more than one cup of coffee at the same time for office or gathering event. Otherwise, we need many cups of coffee daily because we live with many people. To save time, we will need to use Urn or percolator. It can make dark and strong coffee in multiple cups. We can get this kind of coffee maker in stovetop or electric models. The size of the urn or percolator is available in a wide range. We can use based on how much we need coffee at one time.From the size, this coffee maker could be suitable for any of us who usually have gathering parties, family dinner or other events which need many cups of coffee. For faster brewing, we can choose the electric one. But, if it is just for daily coffee, we can use the stovetop.