When we are talking about bariatric Mexico surgery cost, you need to know first what kind of procedure will be implemented on you. Bariatric surgery consists of several procedures, and each of them requires different treatment and steps. If you want to know which procedure is the best for you (including the cost for the treatment), you should consult your doctor. Only they can determine which one is suitable for you, including the expected results.


Losing Weight through Surgery

Unlike the liposuction that involves ‘only’ the removal of fat deposit, the bariatric surgery basically changes the way your digestive system works and functions. It may seem risky and dangerous, but sometimes it is the only solution for weight issues – especially those with extreme obesity.


Bariatric surgery itself is divided into several methods. The Adjustable Gastric Band, for instance, is considered the simplest procedure because it only involves adjustable band that is tied around the upper part of the stomach, creating smaller pouch to accommodate the foods. Because it is the simplest procedure, the cost is generally the lowest among other procedures. On the other hand, the Gastric Bypass is a rather complicated procedure involving intestine rerouting. Naturally, it is usually the most expensive treatment. But if you look at the effectiveness, the Gastric Bypass has higher chances of success when compared to the Adjustable Gastric Band.


Consulting the Doctors

It is very important and crucial to always consult your doctor. Listen to their advice about which procedure suits your condition the best. Your doctor can provide suggestion based on your condition, your medical history, and other factors. It would be better if you can come clean about your condition, including about your financial condition.


Consult your health insurance about the procedure. Since it is not a cosmetic surgery, it is most likely that insurance will cover for it. But talk to them first to make sure.