Even soap can be so much healthier in Iherb if we are talking about products in the Iherb coupon. You know what does more impress me in Iherb coupon? The answer is its easiness. Suddenly get $5 OFF and it works worldwide when we become a member in Iherb coupon? Well, that one is so legit.

Ok enough about Iherb coupon, now we are going to review their soap product which is also a natural item on Iherb, Dr. Woods, Raw Black Soap, Fair Trade, Original, 32 fl oz (946 ml). Well, becoming healthier even when we take a bath is something great to hear.

Let’s take a bath naturally with Iherb coupon

You know why we should try the Dr. Woods raw black soap from Iherb? This is because it has lots of advantage to keep your skin healthy and smooth. It is made by fair trade Shea butter that is so trustable about its naturalness.

It also contains 100% vegan so that for you vegan, you can keep vegan even when you take a bath. This body soap also has another pro which is can make your tired skin cells off from your skin. So this is why it can make your skin smooth dramatically every time you use it.

The Certified Organic by Ecocert S.A will be another reason why you should try this product that comes from a family business.

Cheap price in a superb soap

As I mentioned before that Iherb is totally generous in giving a special price for you guys. When its normal price is $14.99, now you can get it just for $11.89. How could they be so generous without worrying the profit?

Especially if you buy this product right now, you can get another $2 discount plus the organic lip balms. Well, it is just so fantastic, right?