There are many reasons why many countries are having a campaign on legal paternity test as there are many cases regarding to paternity fraud also. It always happens in child support agency where unwed parents propose their child to the agency and ask for support. That is why legal one is really important for any cases including child support. In US, legal paternity test is widely available in clinics and should be accredited by AABB and ISO standard of sibling. When there is no legal evidence or biological evidence on which the father is then process and support automatically stops because it might be suspected as paternity fraud. However it is more than paternity test so parents whether it is unwed or wedded parents should be caring on this thing to avoid any long and tiring cases related to paternity.

Different countries, different orders

As legal paternity test has been worldwide issue there are some countries that do not allow any DNA test without a court order. It is in France where all parents should not take any legal DNA test before court orders to do so to prove paternity. It is important as many countries indeed are not same in seeing DNA test. In US, almost all family cases are required a legal DNA test to make it easier than before. That is why basic thing before something bad happen, DNA test is really important. That is why many people go for it.

In United Kingdom, legal paternity test is also widely available and is really allowed to get home kit DNA test for their test and family knowledge. Although it is hard to afford but AABB will try its hard work to make all family get their own kit for any DNA test package in family. It is fun but it is also super useful.