Different people have different opinions about the usage of carrageenan. Some say that the substance is pretty safe and harmless, but others say that it can create health problems and dangers. That’s why there is such thing as carrageenan cancer, which is the result from consuming carrageenan. However, before you get paranoid and reject all kinds of processed foods, find out the basic facts.


What Carrageenan Is

Basically, a carrageenan is a natural extract from seaweed. It is mostly used in food processing industry as a stabilizer and texture improver. It can also be used in non-food industry. the substance can also be found in dairy products, cosmetic, poultry and meat, toothpaste, and even canned pet foods. Ancient people have used this substance to treat health conditions and prevent ailments. It is believed that carrageenan can improve high blood pressure and other issues- although we still don’t have enough scientific evidence over the claim.



So, is carrageenan safe? Many people say that consuming it will result in intestinal and digestive problems. However, the substance has been used since the 1930 and not a single evidence shows that it is dangerous. Scientific researches and studies are being done (and always done), but the result remains the same.  Studies are performed by the experts from the FDA, WHO, and even FAO and they haven’t found the proof about carrageenan hazard. So far, they claim that carrageenan is a safe and natural food additive.


However, a degraded type of carrageenan (known as the poligeenan) is positive as harmful substance. It can result in health issues, including the digestive problems and intestinal issues. But this substance isn’t used in the food processing industry so people shouldn’t worry about them consuming it from the foods they buy. If you want to learn more about the condition and about carrageenan in overall sense, click here and feel free to browse around.