Taking your family holiday in a perfect theme park is absolutely a great idea. Legoland is becoming one of the incredible places to take your family having fun, especially nowadays you can take the bus to Legolandto make your trip easier. The Singapore and Malaysia nowadays are the best place providing this transportation to make you easier in taking a journey in a Legoland. So what kind of best trip you can get? Let’s check it out!

Ultimate guideline with thebus to Legoland

One of the benefits you can get with using the bus to Legoland package is that you will definitely enjoy your holiday without getting any trouble. This trip package will make you easier to get you to the Legoland easier and in a fun way because they will provide you with some facilities such a professional guide.

It is true that when we are in a new and big theme park such as Legoland we will definitely face a little trouble. For example, we will get confused when we want to go to thetoilet or maybe we will get more confuse how to use their facilities properly. We don’t want this kind of thing happens in our fun holiday, right?

By using the bus to Legolandfacilities we will geta perfect holiday. With lots of reasonable prices that they offer to you, you don’t need to worry about it. Plus, if you are choosing the journey from Singapore to Legoland at Nusajaya will only take 40 minutes. This will save your time and get you lots of time to have fun in the Legoland.


What you need to know is that now with the bus to Legolandfacility you can taste the newly launched Legoland waterpark easily. So are you ready to get a perfect holiday with your family?

So, you want to go to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur, and yet you are torn between choosing air service and land transportation. Different people have different traveling preferences. Some people prefer the air service while some like the bus better. Do you know that there are a lot of bus services offering high-quality performance from KL to Singapore? When you choose their service, you can enjoy the comfortable ride with convenient service.


Traveling by Plane

A lot of people choose to travel by plane because it is faster and more comfortable. However, you need to remember that Malaysia has only two international airports because of the limitation in the area. The land is quite complicated and tricky, and most of their tourist destinations are located in hard-to-reach areas where plane access is impossible. Meanwhile, Singapore is a small country with limited land and contour. Sure, you can choose the air travel service, but the overall satisfaction will be quite limited.


Traveling by Bus

Taking is the bus is one of the best ways of traveling when you want to visit Malaysia and Singapore. You can enjoy a lot of freedom when taking the bus; not to mention that it is also cost effective. You can visit a lot of interesting places without having to spend a fortune. After all, today’s bus services are mostly professional, credible, and convenient. By spending a little, you can enjoy a lot more good and luxurious service.


Managing Your Travel

Forget the idea that you will have to stand in line at the ticket booth. If you come to http://www.easybook.com/bus-kl-singapore, you can always manage your trip online. As long as you have your gadgets and you have a solid internet connection, making reservations and paying them will be very easy and simple. You don’t have to worry about missing a trip or not getting the seats for your traveling needs.



Langkawi is a perfect destination to visit. Langkawi has many spectacular places to offer. Te two of it is Cable Car and Gunung Raya. For you, who want to get relax by nature, this place is a great place to go. You can use Ferry to Langkawi and get the ticket as soon as possible to help you in arranging your traveling schedule. How to get the ticket? Do not worry because you only have to visit www.easybook.com and arrange your schedule.

Cable Car and Gunung Raya

The good things in Cable Car are the view from he top of a hill. You can see the view of Pantai Cenang with RM30 for tourist for the cost. You also can get the best view in SkyCab, but you need to prepare RM30 and RM5 for the SkyBridge. You will be glad to be born in this world because of you can see the nice view of this world. The next is Gunung Raya, which is the tallest mountain on the island. You can get the spectacular view on the top and there is also a resort hotel serving meals and indifferent coffee at the summit. If you want to climb the tower, you need RM10 for it.

Langkawi is the popular tourist destination. Langkawi offers a great archipelago in the Andaman Sea and it has 100 islands. This is the best holiday destination because the atmosphere in this place is sunny. Langkawi also has a tropical climate, which is extremely hot and humid. The weather is very friendly to serve you. You have a good experience in this place when you can go anywhere in good weather. Therefore, it is very important to you to make a good preparation, especially in preparing the transportation ticket!

The Thai, the city of angles. You can never forget what are inside this country, with bigger gold Buddhist statues, the monks, and the cuisines that are ready to tease the visitors to come over and over again. However, traveling to Bangkok needs several preparations to get you stay smiling during the road. Make sure you pick the right Thai bus ticket on the best ticket agency.

In case of being regret to leave Thai, we have several tips you can apply when visiting Bangkok here they are:

Plan your arrival

Going abroad, yes, it needs preparations including your flight departure. Book your Thai bus ticket scheduled so you can easily plan your vacation in Thai. Ensure you know the exchange rate once you have arrived there. Bringing the map in Thai script and English will save your first day. At this time, when you order a taxi, you will be asked about where district you want to go.

Know your bearings

At the moment you visit Thailand, most people there don't speak English. You will be so easily get lost. Asking the neighbourhood to drive you where you come from is not that easy. Therefore, remembering the bearings matters in Bangkok.

Never Overdo The Temples

There are many holy places in Thai where you can find many monks in the city. Seeing the temple is the most notable that you are attempting to reach. Make sure you dress appropriately or you are going to be asked to cover body. Wat Po is the oldest temple which is the first one you will visit. It is always offered in the public education. It is near with the Royal Palace.

Enjoy your tour

Some of the most popular attractions are in Chao Phraya River where you will experience the Thai life. The night cruise is the most popular one. Another destination you can visit is the Golden Mount where you will see the golden pagoda on top.

If you are enjoying to travel to Thai, we are the Easybook, the biggest online ticketing available for you to serve your online ticket purchasing to Thailand. With the greatest routes in Asia, we are the one that helps you go there safely. There are a number of routes you can choose in our website. We also have discounts for you in special occasions and purchasing programs of Thai bus ticket.

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