Transtar is not a new company in bus business since in this market; it has been more 11 years they serve people to get their best experience in their road traveling from one country to another country. It is based in Singapore that specializes them as travels and tours of the coach. Since 1994, they have been developing new package and prices with amazing deals so people can choose the various deals on the. They have routes from Singapore to bug cities in Malaysia. In any city, you can choose it as the destination and then you only need to choose the departure option from Singapore. Imagine the times they have been playing this business so they have special credibility in term of tour and travels because they have been experienced. No need to think twice when we should choose between plane and bus since the bus will be more incredible. You also need some views on this company so let’s check out the facilities.

Main facilities

What make this company grow bigger is its developing facilities where they always improve the deals and customer satisfactions. They come with superb VVIP seats where their bus only comes with 26 seats for super VIP traveling. It is also the pioneer for the seat of a bus with a seat belt. When hearing seat belt, you must have thought how luxurious they are since it is rare to see the bus that offers great seat with belt. One thing we should know about that is its safety and comfort. If you choose 26 seats in super VIP bus, you don’t get the only bus with the super seat but also foods that will be served well like you are in a restaurant. It sounds good when you are going to Malaysia and then you eat while you enjoy the road to go to Malaysia.